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Our groups, Ebara-Udylite Co., Ltd., contain Japan parent Company and total 6 Subsidiaries which include Taiwan company inside and an allied company. We are the surface treatment’s manufacturer which is specialize in various surface treatment’s chemical reagents, such as cars, buildings materials, faucets, electronic spare parts and semi-conductor...etc. Our groups provide tracking process to follow-up, comprehensive proposal and service. We concentrate development on the manufacturing, sale and technology relevant to the customers’ expecting. Our group’s businesses are classified as "chemicals pertinent to source material business", "equipment business" and "Dry electroplating business". Our business contents are interpreted as following.
Chemicals pertinent to source material business
"Chemicals pertinent to source material business" includes the manufacturing, selling and related property materials purchase and sale of surface treatment’s additive.
Equipment business
"Equipment business" is the manufacturing and selling for automatic surface treatment equipment.
Dry electroplating business
"Dry electroplating business" is application to PLASMA equipment for cleaning, desmear process in PCB industry, Vacuum Sputter technology in coloring coating, and "Auto Pro Cute equipment" of electroplating chemicals analysis.
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