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Electronics-related plating
Chemicals for printed-wiring boards  »  Electroless copper plating system for build-up PWBs
The number of materials that have difficulty in being plated has been increasing recently, due to downsizing of fine interconnections on build-up PWBs for semiconductor packages, higher glass transient temperature (Tg) required for the PWBs, and the use of environmentally-friendly, halogen-free insulating materials. Our PB-556 is the electroless copper plating process for build-up PWBs and package boards with highly dense interconnections in consideration of the environmental issues (halogen-free, cyanide-free, etc.).

1.  Well cope with features with fine irregularity for copper deposits preferentially over palladium in comparison with the case of deposition over copper.

2.  Demonstrates excellent covering power in via and through holes of high aspect ratio and excellent adhesion to insulating resin.

3.  Being a cyanide-free process, it is a next generation electroless copper plating process that allows simple wastewater treatment and in view of environmental protection.
4.  Has good solution stability in spite of being of cyanide-free.
5.  Simple product composition allows easy solution control including make-up and analysis.
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