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Electronics-related plating
- Plating technology supporting electronics -
We have responded to the manufacturing technology of the more detailed and higher density semiconductor packages and printed-wiring bo ards, which are necessary for the increasingly accelerated advanced performance and reduced size of electronics. We are also environmentally conscious. We develop and provide products with the keywords of "next-generation processes" and "environmentally-friendly".

Chemicals for printed-wiring boards
Along with the downsizing of devices, finer circuits on the printed wiring boards, where electronic parts are installed, are increasingly required.
We meet such requirement through the development of new processes and proposal of the total system of machine and chemicals.
PTH Electroless copper plating with horizontal machine
De-smear process
Pd-Sn-based direct plating
Acid copper plating Process for manufacture of double layer CCL polyimide laminate
High leveling process
Process for PWBs with through holes and vias of high aspect ratio
Other plating Electroless nickel process for the undercoat of displacement gold plating
Nickel plating process
Solder plating process
Pre/Post treatment agents Acid degreasing agent
Discoloration preventing agent
Rack stripper
Bridge prevention process for electroless Ni-Au plating
Process for build-up PWBs Electroless copper plating system for build-up PWBs
Acid copper plating process for via-filling
Process for flexible base materials Process for TAB, COF, various kinds of base materials
Process for fine interconnections Etching process for double layer CCL
Chemicals for electronic parts
Various kinds of solder plating are applied to electronic parts, including IC lead frames, chip resistors, chip capacitors, and connectors, for electrical connection.
As these parts get smaller, we provide processes that meet their requirements.
Pre-treatment Alkaline cleaner
Neutral cleaner
Acid cleaner
Electrolytic cleaner
Etching Etching agent for 42-alloy
Halogen-free etching agent for copper
Electrolytic etching agent for copper alloy
Solder/Sn plating Whisker-suppressed pure Sn process for IC lead frames
Semi-bright solder plating process for barrels
Semi-brght solder plating process for high speed
Bright solder plating process for barrel operation
Brightsolder plating process for high speed
Whisker-free pure Sn plating process
Rack stripper Immersion type rack stripper
Electrolytic type rack stripper
Rack stripper for various types of Pb-free Sn alloy plating
Environmentally-friendly process Pb-free alloy plating process
Neutral Sn plating process
Chemicals for plating semiconductor wafers
Even in the field of semiconductors, for which extremely fine connections are required, the wet process (plating technology) has been adopted more and more recently instead of the dry process, such as PVD and CVD. As the plating process for semiconductor wafers, we have chemicals for copper plating for the Damascene process for very fine interconnections, as well as various kinds of chemicals for copper plating for bumps, nickel plating, solder plating, and gold plating.
Various kinds of bump plating systems (copper, nickel, solder, and gold.)Copper plating system for the Damascene process for very fine interconnections
Chemicals for plating for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding

Our plating technology is also utilized to protect electronics, such as computers, from electromagnetic interference which causes malfunction.

Electroless plating system for EMI shielding
Plating process for fabric for EMI shielding
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